Hey there everyone! We have been keeping pretty busy over here. Along with our everyday lives of full time jobs and home renovations, we have managed to sneak in a few weddings and other sessions this year! For the coming months, we will likely not be taking any new big job clients. Quick family photo sessions or holiday cards are welcome. We are finishing the post processing of our final wedding for the year, and then will be focusing more on our home during the winter. When spring time comes around, we will be open to clients once again, although we may not be able to serve you on the same days we have in the past. We will be planning our own wedding to take place later in 2019 as well, so don’t be surprised if you see less of us in 2019. I would love to keep at it at the pace that we have recently, but am afraid we may not be able to. Regardless, keep and eye out for anything that we may be up to and don’t be afraid to book a session with us for next year.