Ken McClintock

Kenneth McClintock

Ken went to school for Electronics and Computer Technologies. He always owned a little point and shoot camera and hand held video recorder, but never did much with it. After visiting Laurna a handful of weekends in WV, his interest in photography deepened. After taking 3 months of classes online, Ken was hooked. A few new lenses and hours of playing with new software sharpening his skill set, he now keeps a camera with him at all times, waiting for that perfect shot!

Laurna Curby

Laurna Rene

Laurna went to WVU for Forensics, Photography and Communications. Having to begin her photography classes with film cameras and developing the prints on her own gives her the leg up on most modern photographers who jump right to DSLR or mirror less. Having had to develop and shoot with film really teaches you to pay attention to composition. Laurna’s time being a photographer has really taught her how to position the subjects in ways that truly capture the emotion of the moment.